Group lessons

Skate Orientation: 

Learn the safety and skate etiquettes. Get Set up on your board and ready to ride. 20 minutes. All ages. Included in first group lesson. 

GREEN: Into to Pumptracks: 5 & Up

Learn how to stand, push, and stop a skateboard independently.  Work on balance techniques to increase skateboarding skills. Translate these skills to the pumptrack.  Receive a general exposure to riding switch, board components & construction. To complete a unidirectional lap on a pump track.

Monday - Thursday: 4-7 PM

Sunday: 9 AM- 1 PM

Baby Birdies: (Parent & Child) Age 3-5: 

Come sing songs, and have fun with your child. Kids are discovering push bikes & scooters around the track! 

Sunday 8 AM

Birds of a Feather Group: All Ages

While your child is learning to shred the street course/pumptrack, you and the other parent's will learn to cruise around the streets. 

Sunday 9 AM

pricing information: 

Group Lesson: Month:

1x a week: $175 Month/ 2x a week: $260 Month

Private lesson: 1 HR:$120

Private lesson: Month: $360

Semi– Private: 2:1: $60

Semi Private: Month: $240

Skate Orientation: 20 min $20