The Skateboard Supercross Academies provide a standardized approach to teach every single person five years and above to learn how to skate.

– An amazing 5 level curriculum that will take you from Zero to Hero in your abilities as a skateboarder.

– Proven method that has worked with 1000s of students world wide.

– Classes will be available for all ages and abilities.

– All instructors are certified, screened, and trained to provide you the highest level of Stoke and Service.

– Camps and clinics will also be available throughout the year whenever school is out.


Baby birdies: (parent & child): Have fun singing songs, stretching and help the birdies learn to discover push bike and scooters around the track!

Ages: 3-5 years old. 45 mins. monthly sign up.

BIrds of a feather group: While the kids are learning to shred the pumptrack & street course, the parents can focus on their class learning to cruise the streets. 

No prior experience.1 hr. Monthly sign up. 

Skate orientation: Learn the safety and skate etiquettes. Get Set up on your board and ready to ride. All Ages. 20 minutes. 

Green: Intro to Pumptracks: Learn how to stand, push, and stop a skateboard independently. Work on balance techniques to increase skateboarding skills. Translate these skills to the pumptrack. Receive a general exposure to riding switch, board components & construction. To complete a unidirectional lap on a pump track.

No prerequisites: ages 5 & up. 1 HR session. Monthly signup sessions.

Yellow: Skateboard Supercross: Take the skills learned in the green program and apply it to this curriculum. Learn both heelside and toeside on the board as well as strengthen switch riding and pumptrack skills. This students cardiovascular ability on a skateboard will allow them to complete at least 10Km (6 miles).

Green Prerequisite. Ages 7 & up. 1 HR session. Monthly sign up sessions.

pricing information:

Group Lesson: Month:

1x a week: $175 Month/ 2x a week: $260 Month

Private lesson: 1 HR:$120

Private lesson: Month: $360

Semi– Private: 2:1: $60

Semi Private: Month: $240

Skate Orientation: 20 min $20

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