about Us


A Premium Concept where Skateboarding meets food hall, community hub, micro retail, popups, entertainment and art ALL in the Heart of MIAMI! Opens Summer 2021


Miami is the hub for lifestyle from all over the world with top events like Art Basel, The Miami International Boat Show, Ultra Music Fest, Agenda, to name a few. Its residents are passionately investing in their neighborhoods in order to call it their Home. Miami is home to an athletic, adventurous and intellectual group of people. Not to mention friendly outdoor weather year-round.

The Specific location proposed is in the Village of El Portal which is centrally located in the city and has very strong demographics for a changing community.

Why SkateBird?

Whether you are Tony Hawk, the original skatebird, or just a skate fanatic there seems to be a natural connection between skating and longing to fly. El Portal is known as a bird sanctuary, particularly for its peacocks.

The artwork in the space will be inspired by the lush landscape and wildlife of the area. The site maintains and preserves its original trees so that birds will continue to live there and be attracted to the coolest AMENITY any destination could ask for.

What is it?

SkateBird can be considered the newest concept in sports and entertainment. Essentially it is skateboarding meets food hall and limited run retail. We are creating a space that will host the community, tourists from all over the world, art by renowned artists as well as a breeding ground for local artists, world class skateboarding, and a plethora of events that will turn your head. Most importantly, you can’t forget the First Class Skate Lesson Programming for all ages and abilities that will be available and provided by Skateboard Supercross (SBSX).