Skatebird’s educational programs are built to develop a quick understanding of the basics of skateboarding and the fun of it. From the basics, each person will be assigned to a group that fits their pace and accelerates their progression. Each skill level will be focused on specific techniques and instruction in a structured way. Before and after classes, there is time for free-form learning with peers, practicing skills at their own pace. Everything we do is with the overarching goal for skateboarders to progress in a fun and creative way and become part of a vibrant cross-generational community. 

Sunday to Thursday:

Daily: 3x 1-hour slots of group lessons (different levels) 

Daily: 2x 1-hour slots for private lessons

Daily: 30 min. Introduction lesson

3 Ways To Book a class:

Call: (305) 603-8015

Drop-in: 533 NE 83rd St, El Portal, FL 33138

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All classes come with progression tracking 

Safety first (all kids must wear helmets,  pads are encouraged for the younger ones)

Option to join Skatebird’s quarterly competitions.